Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice (Microsemi) Development Kit


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Banana Pi BPI-AI-Voice(Microsemi) module for speech recognition, Now you can use it on Raspberry pi with amazon AVS, same as Microsemi AcuEdge™ Development Kit

BPI-AI-Voice (Microsemi) development kit

  • Tested and approved by Amazon for
— microphone solution for both 180o & 360o audio pick-up
  • Amazon ecosystem
—Reference code implements complete Echo functionality
—Provides developer access to Alexa Skills
  • Provides a fast and easy way method of evaluating Microsemi’s Automatic Speech Recognition Assist audio enhancement solution with Amazon’s AVS
  • Fast Prototyping
—Application development platform
—HW prototyping
  • Training Tool

Key Features

  • Supports 2 or 3 microphones linear or triangular array placement for enhanced audio pick up
  • Noise reduction
  • Smart automatic gain control (AGC)
  • High-quality stereo acoustic echo canceller for barge-in and full-duplex audio
  • Fully configurable and scalable solution delivering a two-microphone configuration for both 180° and 360° audio pick-up
  • Enhanced beamforming technology to enhance audio pick-up in adverse conditions, in presence of noise and outside sound sources
  • 2-way full-duplex voice communication
  • Turnkey designs available as well as all appropriate drivers and documentation, along with worldwide support


Designed for world-class voice front-end applications, Microsemi’s new ZL38063 audio processor features the company’s AcuEdge™ technology. This innovative technology is a set of highly complex and integrated algorithms that significantly improve automatic speech recognition (ASR) for both embedded and cloud-based ASR solutions. The ZL38063 delivers audio enhancements that perform noise reduction and smart automatic gain control (AGC), enabling speech recognition at distance in noisy, real-world conditions.

Application Examples

  • IoT Sensor
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Home Gateway/Controller
  • Speaker/Sound Bar
  • TV/Set-Top Box

Hardware Spec

To make a fully assembled smart speaker demo the following additional components are required:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 board or Banana pi board
  • 2A or greater Micro-USB power supply for the Raspberry Pi 3
  • SD memory card for Raspberry Pi/Banana pi
  • JBL Clip speaker
BPI-AI-Voice External Interfaces
Raspberry Pi 3/Banana Pi HeaderP2:•I²S port;•SPI;•8 GPIO
Audio HeaderJMMA1:•Digital microphones;•Analog out;•3 GPIO
SPI Flash DevicesU2: Optional SPI flash component used to store ZL38063 firmware
USBJ3: Optional USB power and debug port
Debug HeadersJAIB2/2: Auto-tuning headers
Digital Microphone HeadersJM1–4: Optional header for off-board microphones
Audio Characteristics
Digital Microphones4 onboard digital microphones (AKU441): Supports a 2 microphone configuration for 180° and 360° audio pick-up
Analog OutputJ1: 2 × 2.65 Low-cost class D audio amplifier (NCP2820)
Stereo 3.5 mm male-to-male audio cableP1: Audio output
Micro-USB cableJ3: Optional USB power and debug port

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